Outdoor kitchen equipped with everything you need for cooking alfresco.

Stainless Steel Barbeque Grills selecting a built-in grill for an outdoor kitchen.

A built-in grill is the most important appliance in an outdoor kitchen. Grills for an outdoor kitchen are referred to as either built-in or drop-in models, because they are fixed to the kitchen structure. Your barbeque grill will get a lot of use and therefore will need to be top quality. A stainless steel grill is an excellent choice because it will weather well outdoors.

Not all outdoor kitchens are built the same way. There are a variety of options when it comes to how the structure, or base, of an outdoor kitchen will be built. The materials selected for an outdoor kitchen must be able to withstand high temperatures as well as a variety of weather conditions. Framing options include concrete block, brick, wood or steel.
Location of an Outdoor Kitchen:
See how this outdoor kitchen was placed in the middle of a three zone patio to serve as a gathering point.
Placement is the most important consideration for an outdoor kitchen. There are a handful of things to consider when deciding where in your yard to build an outdoor kitchen.
1 - Proximity - An outdoor kitchen should be located close to the home. The closer your outdoor cooking area is to your home's backyard entrance, the more convenient it will be for food preparation and transport. You don't want to be so far from your indoor kitchen that it is a hassle to go back and forth, this scenario often results in rarely using the outdoor kitchen.
2 - Views - Consider what the views will be from your outdoor kitchen. A correctly placed outdoor kitchen will take advantage of the views in the rest of your backyard landscape. An incorrectly placed outdoor kitchen will leave guests to look at a wall or fence. If possible provide pleasant views for both guests and cook, but if not, give priority to the guests.
3 - Wind - Place your outdoor kitchen so that smoke from the grill will be carried away from dining and living areas.
4 - Utilities - An outdoor kitchen must be placed in an area where gas and electricity can be accessed.
5 - Privacy - You will enjoy your outdoor kitchen more if it has a private feel. Pick a location that will you will be able to easily shield from neighbors by plants and/or structures, such as trellises, walls or fences.
6 - Shade - To ensure that your outdoor kitchen is as comfortable as possible during the day, place it in a location that has shade. Shade for an outdoor kitchen can be provided by trees, a patio cover, pergola, or umbrella.

An outdoor kitchen needs to be relatively close to the indoor kitchen, which is important for bringing food in and out.
Keep the barbecue area away from active child activity, or a sport court. You wouldn't want to be playing basketball and have the ball bounce over into a hot grill.

Get these tips:
The most important factors to consider when deciding where in your yard to build an outdoor kitchen.
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Outdoor Kitchen Cost:
The cost of an outdoor kitchen will depend largely on its size, the materials you select and the appliances you want installed. A basic outdoor cooking area with a patio, grill and countertop can run a few thousand dollars. While a luxury design with top-of-the-line appliances will cost many times that amount.

The various appliances and cooking equipment you'll need to create a fully functional outdoor kitchen, such as side burners, sear zones, griddles and warming drawers.
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Tips for selecting a built-in stainless steel grill for an outdoor kitchen.
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Refrigerator styles for outdoor kitchens, including under-the-counter varieties with built-in drawers.
Tips for maintaining the equipment and surfaces in your outdoor kitchen, including grills, stainless steel appliances and granite or stone countertops.
A fully equipped outdoor kitchen can be a big investment, but one that is sure to add lasting value to your home. To get help selecting the best equipment, materials and layout for your needs, be sure to consult with a professional.

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